Toll collection System

Satellite Based Tolling System
Satellite Based Tolling System

It is based on “Platon”, the Russian Toll Collection system and uses Satellite Communication to track vehicles on the State highways and charge toll based on the distance traversed by the vehicle. This brings in transparency, safety, emission reduction (no pile-ups and jams at Toll Plazas) and economic efficiency in the tolling system.

We have revolutionized India’s premium Delhi-Mumbai transport corridor by commissioning Satellite based Tolling System Development, implementation and maintenance of a satellite based tolling system on the Delhi-Mumbai highway, India’s main transport corridor.

Free Flow Technology

Free Flow Technology enables un-interrupted movement of vehicles on Toll Roads. The various vehicle types are detected and classified using latest technologies like Visual Analytics -Artificial Intelligence and charged the designated toll which ensures free vehicular movement on Toll Roads. This Green Technology makes transportation free flowing and safe. It reduces the vehicular emissions resulting in fuel saving thus lowering the cost of transportation.

Barrier Tolling

We have revolutionized the popular and dominant “Barrier Tolling Systems” by bringing in new technologies and analytics. Lanes can be customized as per the plan like non-stop, high speed etc. The vehicle type can be detected intelligently and charged accordingly without interference of the operator. The system has a simple and user-friendly UI and UX. Each terminal also has a predictive maintenance port connected with the Tech Support. The system has inbuilt intelligence and data analytics tools which can analyze parameters such as congestion, average vehicle speed and road infrastructure performance.